My name is Jenna Frowein. I was born and raised in Kaneohe, Hawaii, and am now a graduate student pursuing an M.Arch at UC Berkeley and a certificate in Real Estate Development. I hold a B.S. in Architectural Design, a minor in Art Practice, and a coterminal M.S. in Civil Engineering in Sustainable Design and Construction from Stanford University. An innovative designer at heart, with the technical training and problem solving of an engineer, I provide a value-drive and seamless connection between architects and engineers in an industry too often disjointed. I am particularly passionate about sustainable design and the applications of biomimicry and computational analysis to architecture and structural engineering. I was also a senior captain on the Stanford Women's Gymnastics team, specializing in the uneven bars and the floor exercise.

Growing up in Hawaii, the environment has always been a source of inspiration for my work, as it is the place where I have experienced true beauty, simplicity, and efficient function. My love of the environment has evolved and now seems to completely penetrate every thought or inclination to the design process. Before, my designs seemed to focus on sustainability – now, they look to the environment for biomimetic inspiration in order to make architecture more beautiful, sustainable, and economically efficient. The field of biomimicrty fascinates me because it learns from nature, rather than extracts from it. Nature has already perfectly engineering solutions to many problems we face in the building industry today, and thus provides a wealth of knowledge and design inspiration.

My work exhibits a strong sense of place, both in terms of the environment and the people, in that my designs seek to respond to the surrounding environment and culture, rather than compete with it. I believe that designs should holistically celebrate the connection between people, place, and architecture. 

Please see my resume below for more information.


M.Arch candidate, Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Real Estate, UC Berkeley
M.S. Civil Engineering, Sustainable Design & Construction, Structures, Stanford University
B.S. Architecture, Art Practice, Stanford University