2018 UIA-HYP Cup International Competition Entry
Topic: Urban Co-Living: Customizing Modules for Community
Group: Jenna Frowein, Yang Liu, Matt Turlock, Yang Xie

The Xitucheng district of Beijing is unintentionally torn in two by the Yuan Dadu City Wall Ruins Park and stream cutting through the district. The neighborhood is divided and there is no interaction between people and nature. This proposal seeks to stitch together the urban fabric, improving connectivity on multiple planes within the city while simultaneously increasing density. We introduce a series of packed circles in plan. The circle promotes unity, linking existing structures and developing new interconnected garden paths, sky bridges, and co-living residential developments within this geometric framework.


Body 2C_Shape Analysis 1.1 (group).jpg


3 Towers-01.jpg
3 Towers-02.jpg
3 Towers-03.jpg

The district is a promising proving ground for the knowledge hungry, only blocks away from the Zhongguancun technology hub and numerous academic institutions, including the Beijing University. Co- living residential towers are assembled on site from pre-cast modular units. The towers rise to seven stories, dotting the park and bringing new vitality to the district. The simple set of radial units makes it possible to grow towers of various shapes and sizes, holding to the ground or spreading like the canopy of a tree. New authorship is granted to the community as each tower takes on a character of its own. Visit your neighbors via a stroll through the park or walk through the tree canopy.

Long Elevation-01.jpg


A set of six radial units offers a near ininite set of unique tower forms and community spaces. All units radiate around a central lightwell and circulation core, providing inward security and outward views. Base units range in size from 4m2 to 54m2, serving multifarious purposes. The complex can accomodate residential needs from a single bedroom to a two bedroom apartment. The same base units can contain community kitchens, bathrooms, parks, lounges, co-working spaces, offices, retail, storage, theater spaces and more. Rooftops of larger units can serve as expanded deck spaces or gardens. The possibilities are endless and fully malleable to the needs of the community. Gather, assemble, and stitch together a community.

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